The R2619P and OE equivalent are purposely designed with a firm fit to the fuel filter housing to ensure robust sealing of the fuel filter. This can make it appear too difficult to fit, and in some cases, result in incorrect fitment resulting in fuel leaks or incorrect engine operation. The fuel filter and O-rings are designed to create a strong seal to the fuel filter housing to ensure no unfiltered fuel or air can enter the common rail diesel injection system. Even the tiniest particles or air can create damage to the system.

Best Fitment Practice 

1 Clamp the outlet fuel line from the housing and unplug along with all other fuel lines. Disconnect the sensor plug to the fuel filter housing and remove the fuel filter housing from the vehicle prior to servicing the fuel filter. This will make servicing the filter easier as access in the engine bay can be awkward.
2 Open the housing by unscrewing the locking collar and carefully remove the lid. The old filter will likely be attached to the lid. Be careful not to spill fuel contained in the housing

3 Install the new filter into the bottom housing.
4 Lubricate the O-Ring on the R2619P with clean diesel then install the fresh O-Ring supplied with R2619P on to the O-ring groove on the lower housing. Great care should be taken at
this stage to ensure the O-Ring is not damaged and once in the groove it must be checked to make sure it is not twisted or pinched and is properly seated in the groove.
5 Lubricate the O-ring on the housing with diesel before reinstalling the lid.
6 Line up the marks on the lid and housing and press the lid down firmly so that both halves are brought together. Screw the locking collar back all the way until you feel a click at the end of its travel. This indicates that the housing is now sealed. If the collar becomes too hard to turn before you feel the click, the housing has not been completely closed and will potentially leak fuel or allow air into the system. Unscrew the locking collar and ensure the markings are lined up and the two halves are pressed together firmly and repeat closing the collar.
7 Once you have successfully closed the housing, reinstall the housing to the vehicle re-connecting the fuel lines and sensor plug.

Note: Make sure the fuel system is primed before the starting
the vehicle. Pump the priming button on the fuel filter housing repeatedly until it goes hard.

The filter change is now complete

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