Flexible Funnel

Great for draining oil filters, especially those in hard to reach locations, PLUS a multitude of other uses.

Ryco Flexi Funnel

If you have drained the oil in a Holden Colorado for example you know that the position of the filter on the engine block makes it difficult to drain the oil without making a mess. The answer is a flexible funnel that shapes to any shape channel you need.

imge description
imge description

Ryco Large Flexi Funnel

The NEW RST300L has all the great features of the RST300 plus the unique larger size!

If you've drained oil in a truck before you know how difficult it is to guide the oil, the new large flexi funnel shapes to whatever channel form required and is suitable for a range of fluids including oil and transmission fluid.

Dimensions: 556mm long x 205mm wide



Multitude of uses around the home or garage


Shape and bend as required

Easy to Clean

Suitable for a range of fluids including oil and transmission fluid

Bend to Shape

Made with aluminium core for rigidity and shaping

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