Z9ST Ryco SynTec Oil Filter

SynTec Oil Filters offer high efficiency filtration and peace of mind for vehicle enthusiasts

  • Incorporates high efficiency media designed to remove more dirt to keep the engine cleaner
  • Removes 99.8% of contaminants (based on ISO4548-12 99 8% efficiency at 25 micron - Z9ST)
  • SynTec cartridge filter has a reinforced, wound core to resist collapse
  • Constructed with a high efficiency synthetic nano fibre media with mesh backing
  • Low restriction to flow which makes it excellent at start up and when cold
  • New Vehicle Warranty Protection
  • New Vehicle Warranty Protection

Height Overall137.00 mm
Diameter0.00 mm
Seal Diameter71.00 mm
Thread3/4 x 16
Relief ValveYes
Anti Drain Back ValveYes
Anti Syphon ValveNo
Micron Rating (@ 98.7% efficiency)20.00

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