S102XK Ryco Fuel Water Separator Sensor Kit

Bluetooth Sensor Kit containing Bluetooth Sensor Module (S100X) and Fuel Water Separator Sensor (S102X) for early detection of water contamination in fuel, wirelessly connects to the Ryco Connect smartphone app or Ryco Bluetooth Sensor Indicator (S101X)

  • Remote filter monitoring via Bluetooth
  • Connect remotely to your smartphone with the Ryco Connect app or in the cabin with the Ryco Bluetooth Sensor Indicator
  • Easy Installation. No drilling through the firewall to run wires
  • Fits all common fuel water separator brand filters (Adapters included)
  • Kit comes with fuse taps to provide ignition-on power rather than wiring a separate circuit
  • Expandable, system allows for the connection of 2 sensors
  • IP67 rated to resist dust and water protection against harsh driving conditions


Recommend for 4x4 Diesel Applications

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