RCC360K Ryco Universal Catch Can Kit

Ryco Catch can filter prevents crankcase gases from contaminating engine air intake components, reducing efficiency and leading to expensive maintenance. To stop power loss, extend engine life and prevent sludge build up, fit a Ryco Catch Can.

  • Upper outlet location stops contamination flowing back into the engine
  • Reduces power loss by keeping the vehicles intake clean by filtering contaminants out of the system
  • Large sump capacity allows for longer drain intervals
  • Removes other contaminants from crankcase emissions down to 1micron
  • Easy to install, versatile orientation of inlet & outlet ports. Easy removal from mounting bracket for inspection and draining
  • Filter change indicator to make Catch Can maintenance simple
  • Flexible 360 degree mounting options
  • 12mm ID drain for quick draining
  • Suitable for petrol and turbo diesel vehicles with positive and negative crankcase ventilation
  • Tested to ISO17536 and Ryco Specification TS17


Fitment GuideRCC360K.pdfDownload Fitment Guide

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