R2721UA Ryco Universal Fuel Water Separator Kit

Ryco Universal Fuel Water Separator Kits are a great pre-fuel filtration kit for added protection for the fuel system

  • Solution for Inboard & Outboard engine applications
  • Suitable for diesel, petrol and pre-mix fuels
  • Can be the only filter fitted or mounted downstream or before existing fuel filter
  • Water resistant silicone coated filter media provides maximum efficiency, life and flow

Inside Diameter Top0.00 mm
Outside Diameter Top105.00 mm
Inside Diameter Bottom0.00 mm
Outside Diameter Bottom0.00 mm
Height Overall0.00 mm
Micron Rating (@ 98.7% efficiency)20.00 micron

R2721UA Product Data SheetR2721UA Product Data Sheet .pdf


Bulk tank fuel water separator - Replacement filter

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