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4WD owners often focus on protecting their vehicle's exterior with bash plates, bull bars and side steps, as it is the most visible and likely to be damaged while venturing in the outback. However, the most insidious damage occurs to our finely tuned modern diesel engine from everyday usage. The accumulated damage often occurs without our knowledge until it is too late, and by then it is an expensive trip to the mechanic. 

 To protect your engine, high quality filters must be used during regular maintenance. Ryco filters meet or exceed OEM levels and protect your engine (and interior) from hazards such as dirty engine oil, bad contaminated fuel, and dusty, polluted air. A Ryco 4WD service kit for popular makes and models include the oil, air, fuel, and sometimes cabin filter if available. 

 These kits also make it easy to buy all the parts as they are conveniently bundled together, and with one click of a part number, your Ryco filter kit will be on the way to you from your automotive retailer.  



The engine oil does the important job of making sure that the moving parts are protected from being excessively worn when moving against each other. It provides a lubricating sheath on metal surfaces, allowing them to glide against each other without leaving fine scratches and gouges. Over the course of usage, the engine oil will lose some of its lubricating effects, and particles, dirt, or contaminants begin floating in the oil.

The oil filter does the job of removing these contaminants, but over time the efficiency of the filtration drops, and the particles and contaminants increase again. This is the reason why scheduled oil and oil filter changes is a must if you would like to prevent your engine from internal wear and tear. Ryco’s oil filters meet or exceed OEM quality and standards and are rated to have better flow and particle capture. 

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Australian diesel fuel isn’t renowned for its refined quality, which is why fuel filters on diesel cars have shorter change intervals than most petrol cars. The fuel filters trap algae, fungi, and bacteria clumps, stopping these contaminants from blocking the sensitive fuel injectors on common rail diesel engines. Over time, as fuel filters remove contaminants, their efficiency begins to drop, making it essential to change fuel filters at every recommended service interval. 

To assist the factory fuel filter, we recommend installing the Ryco Fuel Water Separator kit as the first line of defence against contaminants and water. Ryco’s Fuel Water Separator sits in line before the Factory Fuel Filter and will remove any emulsified water and larger debris from the fuel before it gets to the Factory Fuel Filter protecting it from blockage. Some OEM Fuel filter housings are not designed to separate water from diesel fuel and will tend to hold moisture in the filter element itself and inside the housing, this build-up of water in the filter element can cause bacteria growth and corrosion of the fuel filter media, resulting in premature blocking of the filter requiring more frequent changes and possible engine power. The built-in bottom bowl collects the filtered water and contaminants, and can be drained with a simple loosening of the cover.  The Ryco Fuel Water separator’s filter can also be easily changed as part of regular maintenance. 


Air filters ensure your engine gets fresh clean air every time the throttle is pressed. It blocks out dust, bugs, rocks, or whatever that might get thrown in towards your air intake. If there was no air filter, all those contaminants go straight into the engine, where it can cause serious damage to the valves, pistons and engine wall lining. Dust and dirt also deteriorates the air quality, reducing combustible oxygen and causing a drop in performance. Likewise, having a clogged air filter that has not been replaced can negatively affect fuel economy and performance as well. 

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CABIN FILTER (When available, check kit details before purchasing)  

Most modern cars are now equipped with a cabin filter that removes pollen, dust and other allergens from outside air for passenger comfort. They are designed to be easily replaceable, and provide health benefits such as cleaner, fresher air with less outdoor odours and pollution. For drivers and passengers who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems, cabin air filters are potentially lifesaving. Not only does it filter pollen, other air pollution such as soot, dust, exhaust fumes, and unpleasant odours are removed. Some cars even use activated charcoal filters to absorb smells, gasses and other chemical pollutants. In 4WDs driving in the dry outback, these cabin filters can easily get choked with sand and grit from the dusty air. It is a good idea to clean or change the filter after a long road trip to maintain high filtration efficiency.  

Ryco’s cabin filters are direct replacements for many vehicles that have it from factory, and meet or exceed OEM standards. It is a three-layer filter that incorporates a pollen filter, an activated charcoal layer, and bacteria and virus blocking MicroShield. Thanks to the upgraded MicroShield range, these cabin air filters can trap airborne viruses and bacteria as small as the H1N1/H3N2 influenza A virus, and kills it with non toxic anti-bacteria agents bedded into the filter media. The filter has been designed to capture and remove contaminants as small as 0.3 microns from the air. The activated charcoal layer removes chemical pollutants and smells, which causes nausea, fatigue and headaches. The pollen filter stops dirt, dust, pollen and seeds, which causes allergy and hayfever symptoms. 

To save customers and mechanics time and money from having to buy each filter individually for their 4WD truck, Ryco has released service kits for popular 4WD makes and models. Check https://rycofilters.com.au/service-kits and your nearest stockist for a Ryco service kit that will suit your car. 


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