The “silent” killer

Poor air filtration can affect all vehicles

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Technicians understand the importance of using quality lubricating oil and filtration when servicing internal combustion engines. Keeping close tolerance rotating parts spinning quickly and free of abrasive silicates is the principal reason behind the reliability and longevity of these mechanical components. 

The oil filter’s one and only job is to clean the lubricating oil, however, it is performing this task with both hands tied behind its back if silicates are allowed into the crankcase. 

Silicates enter the engine in the form of dust particles – working their way past the pistons and rings and then contaminating the lubricating oil. The only way in is via the air intake. Hence the importance of a vehicle’s air filter.  

Engine oil sampling performed at RYCO’s Melbourne head office laboratory has proven that an oil filter’s life is greatly reduced when poor quality, poorly fitting or damaged air filters are not replaced during engine service intervals.  

Silica and silicates make up a large proportion of the earth’s crust and are present in high concentrations in Australia.  When ingested into an engine, this silica acts as an abrasive on a level that no reciprocating or rotating components can withstand for any length of time. In fact, an engine that is exposed to high levels of silica has only hours of operation before catastrophic damage can occur. 

When it comes to performance and reliability, it’s no wonder that RYCO was chosen to supply the control air filter for both Camaro and Mustang GEN III supercars. Post-race testing reveals the unique 5-micron rated filter captures dust and silica from the passing air while still allowing the engine to produce maximum power with no obstruction to airflow.   

RYCO engineers share the same goals as most technicians, they strive to ensure a customer engine runs without issue - and not succumb to a silica-induced failure. The first line of defence against this dark entity is the engine’s air filter.  

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