V6 Petrol Oil Bypass Valve Failure

Happening during oil filter removal and replacement affecting Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge petrol V6 engines

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If you service Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeeps fitted with the “Pentastar” 3.6L engine, then you may see problems associated with the oil filter bypass valve. 

Located within the oil filter housing assembly, this valve is subjected to repetitive heat cycles and petrochemical strain. Over time, the valve may fail due to the stresses placed on it by these factors. 

The “Pentastar” oil bypass valve is designed to operate when engine oil can no longer pass through the filter substrate due to excess blockage. Oil pressure within the cartridge housing applies pressure to the valve, overcoming the closing springs preload, and raising the valve from its seat.

Engine oil can then “bypass” the blocked filter element, and flow to vital engine components, bringing truth to the saying that any oil is better than no oil. 

During oil filter service, the valve and spring may dislodge from its retainer and be discarded with the used oil filter. Thoroughly check the oil filter outlet for a displaced spring and valve assembly before disposing of the used cartridge. 

If the valve and spring are retained within the filter housing with the element removed, check for any broken plastic (tension clips from valve) sitting at the base of the housing. 

This valve is often replaced as part of the filter housing and cooler assembly (OE part) and can add considerable expense to a simple engine oil service. 

A cost-effective solution is available through the IM group and directly replaces the original valve on the above vehicles. There is no need to replace the entire filter housing due to a cracked or damaged valve.  

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