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Contrary to what you may have been told by some repairers or dealers, under Australian Consumer Law, the use of non-genuine parts will not void your warranty. However, this comes with the caveat that the parts used must meet or exceed manufacturer’s standards.  

Ryco products meet these criteria, providing you with a less costly and generally more readily available alternative to genuine parts supplied by the manufacturer. 

What does this mean for you? This gives you the freedom to choose which workshop works on your vehicle and what parts go into your vehicle, allowing you to save on your servicing and repair costs whilst retaining your warranty, all the while having peace of mind that you’re using a high-quality product. 

Why choose Ryco over genuine parts? Whilst many might have you believe that sticking with OEM products is the only way to retain your warranty, this is simply not the case. In many cases when servicing through your local dealer, you’ll find that pricing for OEM replacement service items like your oil, air, and cabin filters is overinflated to account for the shortfall in capped-price servicing costs. Quality aftermarket replacements such as those offered by Ryco provide you with an easier, more economical alternative to pricey OEM products without losing out on your warranty. 

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How can you be sure that you’re receiving quality when opting for Ryco? Ryco’s philosophy is to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications. We use Australia’s only dedicated filtration laboratory to put our products through stringent quality testing long before they hit the shelf. To pass these tests, a filter must pass three criteria: Efficiency, Life, and Flow. The Ryco Engineering team conducts regular testing within these critical areas to ensure that each and every product provides the quality and performance expected from a Ryco filter. This means that you can be sure that you aren’t compromising on quality when opting for Ryco as opposed to OEM products, keeping you, your wallet, and most importantly, your vehicle happy.  

For a more economical alternative compared to pricey genuine parts, consider asking your local workshop to use Ryco’s filters for the best quality OEM aftermarket replacements. 

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