A5001R NanoCel High Efficiency Air Filter

The NEW A5001R Ryco NanoCel™ Air Filter has all the great features of Ryco Air Filters plus additional unique features! 


Development Story of A5001R 

The team at Ryco are constantly innovating new ways for drivers and passengers alike to get the most out of their vehicles. It’s why we've continued to adapt Supercars technology for passenger vehicles.

With the NEW A5001R Ryco NanoCel™ High Efficiency Air Filter, the patented honeycomb cell construction with nano-fibre media is a culmination of the advances in research and filtration knowledge, and facilitated the name we gave this technology: Ryco NanoCel™.

It was developed and tested in Australia to assist the lifecycle of 4x4 engines while introducing something never before seen in the market. It’s this technology that will continue to provide 4x4 owners with confidence knowing that when they’re in the harshest and most rigorous of Australasian conditions, they will be Ryco Ready.  

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Unique Ryco NanoCel Technology  

We’ve patented this new and unique pleating construction that has been designed for maximum sealing to prevent leakage.  The new honeycomb cell structure incorporates 4.2 times more filtration media compared to the OE equivalent, which only has 1sqm of filtration media.

By allowing for greater media to fit into small spaces, it maintains the filter’s life and flow. 

While it’s designed to protect your engine from fine dust, it also boasts water resistant media, meaning that when you’re water crossing, the A5001R will continue to be fit for purpose and won't compromise its functionality. 

It is designed to fit perfectly in the existing factory-fitted air box, with the enhanced design preventing leakage through the gasket. With a unique and based on the Supercars seal, this does away with the temperamental OE gasket. 

What We’ve Learned In Our Latest Research 

Ryco has Australia's only dedicated filtration laboratory with stringent testing procedures. Leveraging new technology to make product advancements has meant our team could design something that would not only uphold OE standards, but also consider what would work for the Australasian climate and outdoor environment, aiming to exceed OE standards. 

Research shows there is a direct correlation between dust ingestion and engine life. Particle sizes between 4 micron and 10-micron cause 3 times more wear than particle sizes of 2 to 4 micron. 

Preventing this ingestion early on and designing a filter with filtration performance required for Australian conditions would mean high dust environments are no match for the A5001R.  


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With 99.99% efficiency and utilising Supercar high-efficiency filtration technology, the A5001R is designed to extend your engine’s life cycle without making any changes to the existing OE intake system or existing intake accessories.

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The A5001R Features:

  • The filter element features a patented honeycomb construction with nano-fibre media​ (Ryco NanoCel™)  
  • Filters down to 4 micron (absolute)​  
  • Flame retardant​  
  • Hydrophobic​ (water resistant)  
  • The filter element has 4.2x filtration media of OE equivalent  
  • Reduces dust ingestion by >90% compared to OE​ equivalent  
  • Easy installation: Will fit in any housing designed for Toyota 17801-51020 ​ 
  • Unique seal design (based on Supercars seal)  
  • Does not require any change to the existing OE intake system or existing intake accessories  


Installation of A5001R is simple, as the filter slides into the factory Airbox. Check out how we install one without making any changes to the existing OE intake system or existing intake accessories.

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