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RST200 Filter Removal Kit

Filter cups for the removal or fitment of spin-on or cartridge filters

Designed to take away the frustration usually experienced during the removal and refitting of spin on or cartridge oil filters located in difficult locations or Ryco Filters with unique can flutes.

  • Designed to fit filter can sizes from 65mm to 101mm diameter
  • Cups made of high quality cast aluminium
  • Housed in a durable purpose moulded carry case
RST200 kit



8 x 1/2" drive cups

8 x 1/2" drive cups

3 cups are exclusive to this kit and cannot be purchased separately.
The 5 remining cups are: RST201, RST202, RST204, RST219, RST202

RST200 Removal Tool

RST200 Removal Tool

Hino, Isuzu, Fuso, UD, Cummins and Caterpillar

RST200 hex wrench

RST200 Hex Wrench

1 x Hex wrench

RST200 Spin On Filter Cup Kit

Part No. Cup No.
Z8 RST222
Z9 RST222
Z24 RST222
Z30 RST222
Z32 RST222
Z37 RST219
Z38 RST222
Z40 RST222
Z62 RST219
Z63 RST219
Z68 RST219
Z71 RST222
Z73 RST119
Z79A RST204
Z79X RST219
Z82 RST219
Z86 RST222
Z87A RST219
Z88 RST219
Z88A RST219
Z93 RST219
Z96 RST222
Z101 RST219
Z103 RST219
Z115 RST222
Z121 RST222
Z125 RST204
Z130 RST222
Z131A RST219
Z132 RST204
Z133 RST222
Part No. Cup No.
Z134 RST219
Z136 RST222
Z141 RST222
Z143 RST222
Z145A RST204
Z148 RST204
Z148A RST204
Z148X RST219
Z149 RST222
Z150 RST204
Z154 RST219
Z155X RST214
Z158 RST204
Z160 RST219
Z162 RST214
Z170 RST222
Z172 RST204
Z176 RST214
Z178A RST222
Z179 RST214
Z182 RST214
Z183 RST204
Z204 RST219
Z259 RST222
Z313 RST214
Z321 RST204
Z328 RST219
Z330 RST222
Z333 RST204
Z334 RST214
Z335 RST214
Part No. Cup No.
Z336 RST204
Z372 RST214
Z386 RST201
Z411 RST202
Z416 RST222
Z418 RST219
Z422 RST219
Z423 RST219
Z426 RST219
Z429 RST202
Z432 RST201
Z435 RST214
Z436 RST202
Z442 RST201
Z443 RST202
Z444 RST202
Z445 RST201
Z456 RST202
Z493 RST204
Z495 RST204
Z499 RST222
Z503 RST222
Z516 RST222
Z530 RST214
Z543 RST219
Z547 RST201
Z54A RST222
Z553 RST204
Z554 RST204
Z57A RST222
Z585 RST219
Part No. Cup No.
Z587 RST222
Z596 RST219
Z600 RST204
Z608 RST219
Z614 RST219
Z630 RST222
Z631 RST219
Z632 RST219
Z663 RST219
Z688 RST219
Z689 RST219
Z690 RST219
Z692 RST219
Z702 RST202
Z734 RST201
Z775 RST214
Z777 RST214
Z778 RST214
Z781 RST219
Z793 RST219
Z794 RST219
Z801 RST204
Z89A RST222
Z926 RST201
Z927 RST219
Z928 RST219
Z930 RST201