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Protect your engine with Ryco Air filters. 

Air filters can be compared to the ‘lungs’ of the engine removing dust and dirt in the air stream that can damage the engine and its performance.

Operating under immense performance pressure an average vehicle engine breathes in approximately 10,000 litres of air for every litre of fuel consumed. If the air filter is blocked or dirty the filter’s ability to reduce dirt passing directly into the engine is greatly reduced.  The air filter plays the critical role in protecting engine wear which can lead to costly engine replacement.

Ryco air filters are made to with stand the harsh Australian conditions, which are some of the most severe in the world. Across much of Australia dust particles are mostly silica based … one of the best abrasives around. Ryco air filters are designed, tested and manufactured to meet or exceed OE requirements and Australian conditions.  

We recommend that the air filter is serviced as per the manufacturer’s handbook recommendation ensuring your engine has optimal protection.